10 fun things to do at the beach that you will no longer be bored

10 fun things to do at the beach that you will no longer be bored

The beach has always been one of the most popular holiday destinations in summer.It's a huge playground for us.You can relax,you can play something exciting.So how do you spend a good day at the beach?Do you have any ideas?There are so many things we can do at the beach, today we've rounded up 10 fun things to do at the beach for you.All of these are great for enjoying with family, friends and even alone.And they’re all free!



#1.Build sand sculptures




How to build a perfect sand sculptures?First you should be patient.Before you start, what shape of sand sculpture should you build.And then it is important to find a suitable beach.(The sand must not be too wet or too dry. The sand that is too wet, though it is small and easy to shape, if you cant to build big castle,it is not suitable.Because It often cracks and collapses when dried.If the sand is too dry, it's hard to pile it up.)


The next step is to build sand!A good sandcastle is not built little by little, but, of course, made in small pieces, carved out of the sand.Remember not to be greedy.When the initial shape appears, be sure to decorate it carefully.Of course, what kind of sand castle can be, the most important is to use a childlike heart to feel the happiness of the beach.



#2.Treasure Hunt



This is a game that everyone can play.First pick out a small piece of sand,and then you can then bury a piece of paper with writing on it or other objects in the sand.(This, of course, can only be known by the person burying it.)When they were buried,,let your family or friends start searching them.If the search area is large or difficult, you can give them some hints.he first to find or find the most things is the winner.The loser can accept your punishment.



#3.Collect Shells




To go to the beach, one of the necessary games must be to pick up shells.Collecting shells of various colors is a great pleasure.But before picking up shells, make sure your beach is allowed.If allowed, bring your small bucket and get started.It's a great parent-child activity that you can do with your child.


How to deal with the shell after picking it up?You can You can choose to dump them back into the sea,Or take them home and make crafts out of them.They can also be made into ornaments or murals for decoration.Use your imagination as much as possible.



#4.Flying a kite





It is one of the great places to fly a kite on the beach with your family or friends.Kite flying is a systemic sport that exercises our body coordination and relaxes our eyes.So can you fly a kite?You can try if you can't, so let's look at kite flying techniques:

*When the wind is strong enough, you can take the kite line, run against the wind.

*The wind is not enough, when the kite is about to fall, you can gently shake the kite line, or quickly draw the line.

*If two kites become entangled, don't panic, adjust and untangle slowly.

*Remember to choose an empty space.



#5.Practice Yoga


Instead of practicing yoga at home or at the gym, doing yoga at the beach can be more relaxing.Bring your yoga mat and let's do yoga together.Here are some yoga poses you can try:







It not only can practice your body,but also can take beautiful photos.



#6.Play Beach Volleyball



Beach volleyball is a popular sport all over the world.Bring your volleyball and join your friends in beach volleyball.When choosing a venue,try to choose a horizontal beach.There are no rocks, shells or other debris that could cause injury.Of course, the sand should also be soft.Beach volleyball is a casual sport, so there is no need for strict scores between friends.If you have a strong race, you can also use the score system—The first to score 21 runs wins the game.






Tug-of-war is a team sport that tests teamwork.We all love tug-of-war, so why not try it on the beach?Bring a long rope with you. If you don't have one, a beach towel is fine.Then draw a line in the sand.Two equal groups of people stand on either side of the line and hold the rope.After you start, pull on the rope.Just pull your opponent over the beach line and win.Although the game is simple and interesting, it takes a lot of effort to complete.As long as you get into it, you'll have a good time.



#8.Water war



The constant heat of summer, the hot sun makes people sweat.Dabbling in the water has become the first choice for people to cool off.Whether it is adults or children, this is a simple and fun activity.The only tool you need in a water war is squirt gun.Choose a shallow beach and shoot each other with squirt gun.But there are a few caveats:

*The selected squirt gun must not be angular or too sharp, so as not to accidentally stab others or yourself.

*Ask permission before you play with a squirt gun.

*Try not to shoot into the eyes or face.

*After you finish, you should dry your kids and yourself with a beach towel or towel.



#9.Dog walking



If you're alone, take your dog with you to the beach..But you need to know if the beach you're going to is open to pets.Walking your dog is good for you and your dog.Walks are a great way to avoid having a bored dog, which easily converts to a destructive dog. Walking exercises the mind as well as the body. So put on a leash and go for a beach walk with your dog.






There is absolutely, positively, nothing more summery than a barbecue party under the sun. Just saying the word “barbecue” makes the mouth salivate. I prepared a list of barbecue items to ensure a pleasant afternoon.Beach BBQ Essentials:


*BBQ:This is an essential item that you can't cook without.Make sure your beach has a grill, and if not, bring your own.



*Gas or Charcoal:Pay special attention when using,and after use it also should deal with in time.


*Brush:You must need it when you clean grill.



*Garbage bag:Barbecues create a lot of trash, and you need to get rid of it with garbage bags. Be sure to do a thorough check at the end of the day to make sure that you leave your party spot in tiptop shape.


*Food,drinks,Condiments and Utensils:They are the most important.What exactly do you want to bring, or does it depend on your own taste.


Please check it again before you leave to beach avoid missing anything.





Of course there are many things we can do on the beach.
How do you spend your day at the beach?
Leave a comment below.






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