10 most unique beaches worth a vacation for families

10 most unique beaches worth a vacation for families

How are you going to spend the fall?Let’s feel the fresh sea breeze together and look at the endless sea from afar.Step on the soft sand and have an intimate contact with nature.Looking for some beaches for families?Or want to visit some unique beaches?Today, we'll explore 10 most unique beaches worth a vacation for families:


#1.Hyams Beach(White Beach)

Hyams Beach is famous for white sand.There are a lot of white sand beaches, and Hyams Beach is recommended because it has been named the whitest beach in the world by Guinness World Records.

Hyams Beach is located in the southern state of South Wales, Australia, about a three-hour drive from Sydney.It is also known as Eden Beach, because newcomers to the beach are likely to be shocked by the white sand and marvel at the scenery that only Eden could see.White sand crystal clear, fine and soft, the beach stretches for tens of kilometers, like white ribbon dotted between the sea and the land.It is also one of the most popular wedding venues in Australia, so white beach is given a romantic meaning.Hyams Beach is very suitable for couples and families to travel. On the endless pure white beach, couples walk here hand in hand. Families come here to relax, facing the refreshing sea breeze, looking at the blue sea and blue sky, their mood will be extremely happy.If you want to experience the beauty of white sand at Hyams Beach with your families, it's best to wear sunglasses and sunscreen.



 Hyams Beach Picture


#2.Porto Ferro(Orange Beach)

Porto Ferro is a bay in the north-west of Sardinia with a 2km long beach covered in orange sand.The sand, a blend of orange limestone, broken shells and volcanic sediments, makes a perfect combination with the azure coast.However, Porto Ferro is not a well-known tourist attraction and is not particularly crowded,so it is a beach for families tourism.Near the beach is the medieval village of Barace.In addition, the wind and sea here are high waves, suitable for surfing.


 Porto Ferro Picture


#3.Ramla Bay Beach (Red Beach)

Lamla Bay beach is located on the north shore of Gozo Island. The sandy beach is wide and the sand is fine and soft. It is one of the best beaches in Gozo Island.One of the most distinctive features of this beach is that the sand is orange-red (hence the name red beach).The beach is very popular with locals and tourists. Most people come here to bask in the sun.So it's also great for family trips.By the way,the famous Calypso Cave is nearby, though the Cave is off limits because of the danger of collapse.


 Lamla Bay beach Picture


#4.Kokkini Beach(Red Beach)

Kokkini Beach is located in Santorini, Greece.Santorini is not only white and blue, but also red beaches.Kokkini Beach is just south of Santorini, and the rocks there are rich in iron, which gives Kokkini Beach its red color.The sand and gravel in the bay are stained red by lava from the volcano, and the red rocks in the back make up santorini's unique beaches worth a vacation for families.In addition, because there is no way to visit here, so the water here is unusually clear, and not many tourists.But if you go to Santorini, it's worth it.


 Kokkini Beach Picture


#5.Pink Sands Beach,Harbour Island, the Bahamas

Pink Beach, on Hubble Island in the Bahamas, was once named the sexiest beach in the world by NEWSWEEK magazine.As for the pink beach, the remains of a foraminifera are mixed with white coral powder,reaching a certain proportion that gives the beach its pink color.The beach is about 4.8km long, the water is clear and the sand is soft, the beach that is wet by the sea will be more pink, the beach is seldom visited, bring the family to come here to be able to look at the sand quietly at the beach, see the sea, enjoy this rare quiet.


 Pink Sands Beach Picture


#6.Pfeiffer Beach(Purple Beach)

Pfeiffer Beach, off California highway 1, is one of the most unusual purple beaches in the world, thanks to garnets that have been battered, washed out and eventually piled up on shore.In 1968, National Geographic magazine called Pfeiffer Beach "the only purple beach ever discovered on earth."Sure, the area of purple sand on the beach isn't that big, but if you watch the sunset here, you'll love it.The beach will be dyed a very beautiful color because of the light.


Pfeiffer Beach Picture 


#7.Papakolea Beach, Hawaii(Green Beach)

Located at the southernmost tip of Hawaii's Big Island, Papakolea Beach is one of the four green beaches in the world.The green sand on the beach is made up of olivine from the lava erupting from the volcano, which is one of the local precious stones, also known as Hawaiian diamonds.There is also a local legend in Hawaii that the green sand on Papakolea beach is the tears of the volcano goddess, and that anyone who brings it back without her knowledge will get her revenge (so please don't bring it back).To see the legendary green beach, you need to walk or take an OFF-road vehicle to get there.


  Papakolea Beach Picture


#8.Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland(Black Beach)

Black Beach, located in the town of Vik in southern Iceland, was named one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by Islands Magazine in 1991.The black sand is said to have been blackened by a witch's spell, but the black sand is actually lava from Iceland that has been sculpted by wind and waves and turned into black sand.Tiny particles of molten lava tread softly.Iceland has many black beaches, Reynisfjara Beach is best known.In addition to the black sand beach, the black basalt columns that rise above it are striking.


 Black Beach Picture


#9.Glass Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

Glass beaches aren't unique to Hawaii, but what makes this beach so special is that it's almost entirely made of sea glass in a much richer variety of colors, with little pieces of glass that have been washed so thin and smooth that they shine in the sun.



 Glass beaches Picture


#10.Giants Causeway

Located on the Atlantic coast about 80 kilometers northwest of Belfast, Northern Ireland, the Giant's Causeway consists of tens of thousands of uneven basalt columns that form a causeway that stretches for thousands of meters and is considered a natural wonder of the world.For 300 years, geologists have studied its structure and know that it was formed in the Tertiary period by continuous eruptions of active volcanoes.The Giant's Causeway was listed as a World Natural heritage site in 1986.


  Giant's Causeway Picture



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Finally, wish everyone can go to their favorite beach ~

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