5 Extremely Important Tips To Find The Best Swimsuits For Moms

5 Extremely Important Tips To Find The Best Swimsuits For Moms

If you are a new mom or expecting, you know how hard it can be to find swimwear that fits you the way you want. Mom swimsuits are a hard thing to find, but at Iyasson.com we have a great selection of swimsuits that are perfect for new moms. There are many ways insecurities can crop up when you are a new mother, especially when your body is in the “bounce back” phase. That is why we put together this list of tips and tricks to help new moms find a swimsuit that help them look and feel confident and beautiful.

It is not impossible to find something that flatters body shape and make you feel less of a mom. Be mindful of these tips, and it’ll be worthwhile!


This doesn’t imply it should plainly be an accurate size; instead, a swimsuit is supposed to enhance what’s not there and skip what you don’t want there. For example, you’ve got that “mommy pouch” going, look for suits with slightly cinched middle or control panels inside that aren’t too noticeable from outside.

Busty? Go for good support! Droopy boobs? Well, hello! They look awfully aging, halter details, adjustable straps, bra-sized styles or anything to hold breasts in place would do.

Determine body style and pick what enhances your plus points moreover diminishes what could have been better.


Hiding flaws altogether would make you look outdated, it’s best to accept your flaws and wear a swimsuit that isn’t too tight to have you gasping for air. Besides, looking good “get second opinions too, just to be sure.” Opt for flattering colors, shape-forming styles, patterns, and prints appropriate for grownups.

Sometimes, we’re too self-conscious about parts, people couldn’t care less about. Don’t sweat it and enjoy yourself while you can.


If you have small boobs, try swimsuits with ruffles, pleats, lines, embroidery or beads in the chest area to add bulk to breasts. Got a large rear? Well, busy prints, patterns and swim skirts/shorts could be your best bets to draw attention away from buttocks.

If you’re the owner of bulky thighs, slide them in a one-piece with a somewhat higher cut to provide the effect of longer, slimmer legs. Don’t hide them, it will capture more attention. Instead, embrace them with a sense of style.

Choose a swimsuit that is suitable for your age, no matter how fit your body is.


Ask your friends, family and real moms what they think will blend with you, discuss the matter and you might come upon some brilliant advice. Don’t be afraid to consult magazines, blogs, and helpful articles because the majority of those are meant for moms like you and state the obvious with experience.

Observe what other moms are wearing to a beach and whether their choices would look attractive on you?


We’re sure moms don’t wish to show much skin (that’s totally fine) go for modest cuts and designs, unlike thongs, sparkles, glitter, girly embellishments, tropical prints, childish prints, push-up bras, fringe, shiny/shimmery colors, flashy colors, and anything that leaves little to the imagination.

Our Opinion

According to our personal opinion, we find one piece swimsuits to be much more elegant and becoming than a tankini. If you assume that only a tankini would go well in the mommy era, think again – there might be something more suitable for you out there. Do your research and try out, even if you have to go through a dozen options because you shouldn’t miss out on special swimming moments and the memories you’ll make.

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