5 kinds of fashionable and sexy girl swimsuits

5 kinds of fashionable and sexy girl swimsuits

5 kinds of fashionable and sexy girl swimsuits, there is always one for you

Summer is really a season of pain and happiness. When we complain about the heat and the sun, we enjoy the beauty of iced drinks and iced watermelons~~~
When it comes to the top priority of cooling and summer, swimming can definitely squeeze into top 3! Even my rookie, who can only swim 10 meters at a time, enjoys swimming very much. For girls, 2020  Swimsuit  swimming is more than just swimming. It's a large-scale comprehensive entertainment project integrating sports, weight loss, body building, swimsuits and photos So why do girls always like to go to the beach and take a bath in the pool? Even if we can't travel far, we can produce a lot of beautiful photos!

So no matter the focus is on swimming or shooting, the premise must be to have a swimsuit with a high turnover rate! Today, I've shared several swimsuit I've kept in private. I hope you can have a cool summer! 

1.Thin black style
Black is a color that will never go out of fashion. Compared with the brightness of white, black gives people a more stable and atmospheric feeling, and although black is a little dark, most beautiful women can control it. And from the visual point of view, let the whole person appear thinner, most of the beautiful women are very like.

black style swimsuits



2.Sexy European and American style
The dark bikini swimsuit has a very good upper body effect, is also very fashionable and dignified, and the bikini swimsuit has super elasticity, and its temperament is also highlighted and more fashionable,the biggest advantage of top matching bikini swimsuit is to shorten the upper body length as much as possible visually, leaving enough room for the legs to play, and the high waisted Leggings make the legs more slender.

American style bikini


3、Seaside holiday style
In fact, lace style vest is very friendly to the girl with flat chest, which increases the level sense of the chest position and gives the visual sense of the chest. The lower part of the body is high waisted pants, the abdomen is closed and the buttocks are lifted, which makes the little belly look less obvious. It can be said that it is very beautiful~


strapless bikini style


4、Vigorous girlish style
Now the swimsuits full of "girlish feeling" are more and more popular with girls, and their youth vitality will be shown here, which will make people pay more attention. To be a young girl with vitality, you can not only dress up in your daily life, but also show it in the swimming pool. It's full of youth and vitality, which makes men feel excited. Maybe in this summer, you will find your Mr Right in the swimming pool!Retro Swimsuit


retro high waisted bikini


5、Simple style
A one-piece swimsuit can be said to be a good friend of a girl with a small belly. It can be easily done with a one-piece swimsuit. I like this simple one-piece swimsuit very much. The blue background color is elegant, and the deep V design just shows your beautiful figure. It's simple and feminine. The one-piece triangle style will let you have big legs in an instant!


 High Neck Design swimsuits

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