75% of women's swimwear matching tips

75% of women's swimwear matching tips

It's getting hotter and hotter. Is the season for meat and water still far away? I think many girls are trying to lose weight now. When the cool water waves slide over the warm skin, the hot and dry heart instantly reduces the majority. Some people say that "the sexy swimsuit is not only because of the naked body, but also because of the confident, healthy and energetic spirit that women show through it. That's the secret that swimsuit will keep its place in T platform forever." , it is like a war gown, vividly explaining what is the real less is more. There are many styles of Floral Printing Bikinis Set for girls. No matter a-cup flat body or D-cup large body, you can always find the most suitable one. Buy a pair of swimsuits, put on straw hat and sunglasses, and go to the seaside~



High waisted bikini

High waisted bikini suit is popular in recent two years, with a strong retro atmosphere. Fashion atmosphere, let alone, the most important is to cover the meat show leg long! The bottom pants cover the navel design, which can cover the belly fat more than the traditional bikini. Wave point pattern or small fold design can make people look waist and retro.



Bra Bikini

The bodice bikini is suitable for girls with no more than B cup. It looks very energetic and energetic! If you want to further create a visual fullness, choose a bra with ruffles, tassels or folds. Many girls in Europe and the United States also love wearing this style, which can highlight the waist and long legs, and decorate the chest.



Sling bikini

The suspender bikini top is the most common one, which is more suitable for girls with large breasts. Split women's swimwear, skirt style split, wear free and comfortable; wear steel ring cup design, better wrap the chest, bring better support, also have a good effect of gathering the chest, more prominent figure curve.



Sports bikini

The sports bikini is very in line with the current sports trend. The top abandons the bust type, mainly sports waistcoat, with neat and practical cutting, showing the sports style of atmospheric beauty. The exposure of colleagues is also greatly reduced, showing a healthy and energetic atmosphere. The aesthetic feeling of sports is the most popular nowadays. This style is also more suitable for the girl paper with small bust



Cut out one piece

For the sister paper with fat waist, one-piece swimsuit is the only solution. The cut-out one-piece swimwear has opened up a new height of sexiness and more graceful figure.



Pleated one piece

The pleated one-piece swimsuit, especially the black one, is very thin. It can be said that it is the best choice to cover the belly. The deep V one piece style is sexy. Pleats and halters are practical and stylish.



Conjoined skirt Swimsuit

In addition to the pleated style of swimsuits to cover the belly effectively, swimsuits with skirts are also particularly hidden meat. The one-piece swimsuit is the most popular style for Chinese people. The bra cup design of the tuxedo has a strong sense of hierarchy. The design is thin in the upper part and thick in the lower part. The magic steel ring is added to highlight the plump and full-bodied beauty. The stripes are widened to create a visual narrowing effect. The length of the skirt just covers the pants, effectively covering the body.


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