After Sun Care Tips and Tricks,Do you get them?

After Sun Care Tips and Tricks,Do you get them?

With the coming of summer, we always like to put on bikinis and go to the beach for vacation.In the sun, it is inevitable that some people will get sunburned(Even if you're wearing sunscreen).But don't take sunburn lightly.UV damage to the skin is multiple.UV rays, for example, can damage the top layer of skin, as well as collagen and elastic fibers, leading to sagging, roughness and wrinkling, which can cause skin to age.Therefore, in order to protect our skin health, we must pay attention to repair after sun exposure.



About Sunburn

What is called sunburn?Too much exposure to the sun results in sunburn.If you have any of the following, you are sunburned:

  1. Skin peeling, redness, blisters, etc
  2. The skin turned black and red(From beauty point )
  3. Dizziness, feel hot and cold, and other conditions(A more serious case)



Today, let's talk about how do we deal with the first case.



After Sun Care


Generally, there are three steps to care after sun:

Step 1:Calming

Step 2:Repair

Step 3:Whitening




Let's start with the first step calm down.After a lot of people are exposed to the sun (for example, travel) the skin is easy to appear red, swollen and peeling, etc., in a period of time the skin is out of a very fragile state, how should this situation do?


1.Have a rest.

First, stop the sun exposure.When you feel a burning sensation in your skin, take a rest in a cool place.And then rehydrate.This is not to ask you to use hydrating products immediately.Sun exposure is not only bad for the skin, but also causes the body to lose some water.So drinking lots of water can relieve both the skin and the body.



2.Cold Compress.

After you have rested for about half an hour, you can apply a cold compress with a wet towel or a moisturizing facial mask.Apply the cold compress for about 10-15 minutes.

A cold compress will calm the skin down quickly.Remember, don't use ice compress!




3.Use refreshing and soothing products.

A refreshing product is something similar to a gel.You may wonder, why not use a product that fixes better?You'll find that the ones that are better repaired are mostly creams, which have a thick texture.But these are really for skin that's sensitive, not damaged.It is different between two.Skin sensitivity means that the skin is prone to stress response to external stimuli, and skin damage, as the name suggests, refers to damage to the epidermis.So, when you get a sunburn, use a cleaner product first.After the damage is over, use creams to repair it.





After the calming, the next thing we need to do is repair it.Here are a few things to note:



Avoid excessive cleaning during skin repair.Such as cleaning masks, exfoliators.Because these products are likely to irritate the skin.And try to choose a mild facial cleanser.





Use less facial mask.Don't think of a mask as hydrating and speeding up your skin repair.Instead of speeding up the repair process, it is likely to exacerbate the damage.Overhydrating the skin reduces the cuticle's protective power, making the skin more fragile.In this case, it is very likely that you will develop pimples.





Wearing sunscreen is an essential part of your daily skin care.But for people with sunburn, use less chemical protection.This is because many chemical sunscreens contain high amounts of ethanol, which can easily irritate the skin.So what should we do if we are going out?Use a hat, umbrella, mask and other physical sunscreen is more suitable for after sun care.



Less makeup.Cosmetics contain a lot of additives and are not very friendly to damaged skin.More importantly, make up will be removed.Removing makeup will definitely damage the sebum membrane of the skin.The sebum membrane protects our skin from external infections and effectively locks in water.So, don't put on makeup when you can.




If you're a tanner, you can skip this section.This is very useful advice if you need whitening.


1.Sun Block

Sun protection is really the most important part of skin care.Physical protection from the sun includes: umbrellas, hats, masks, sunscreen clothes, etc.It is recommended to choose a hat with a large brim.As for umbrella,the ordinary on is enough.When choosing a sunscreen, pay attention to its ingredients.



2.Internal Product

It can be taken internally VC, can also be whitening pills.But their effect is limited to when you're tanned.You are born black and basically have no effect.So it's going to vary from person to person.


3.Skin Whitening Products

When the skin is stimulated such as ultraviolet ray, hormone, melanin cell can become active, produce more melanin thereby.To the beautiful white essence on market, although its effect is better, but to cutaneous stimulation also is bigger.So you should use it carefully.


Taboos in after sun care

Finally, I would like to talk to you about some taboos in after sun care:

  1. Avoid alcohol-based products.
  2. Avoid exfoliating products
  3. Avoid using high concentrations of whitening essence and acid products during post-sun sensitive periods.
  4. Be sure to do a good job of physical sunscreen.


After Sun Care Tips and Tricks,Do you get them?

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