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Choose your own swimsuit method collection

by hzyasson on March 05, 2020

Summer is coming.How can fairies go out to play with less swimsuits? Today, Xiaobian has sorted out some swimsuits that can show height, thinness and cover up meat. Moreover, they are not very vulgar and wear beautiful swimsuits. There will always be one that suits you according to the color,speed collect them.

How to choose the right color for your swimsuit?

  • Choose bright colors or patterns to highlight your outstanding parts;
  • Choose solid colors to cover up areas you are not so satisfied with;
  • If your skin color is white, you can choose black or dark gem color, such as deep purple, deep blue and purple brown;
  • If your skin color is darker, bright colors can highlight the advantages and cover the disadvantages


How to choose the swimsuit style that suits you?

  • The one-piece swimsuit can cover the fat waist, and it is more suitable to choose the swimsuit with the abdomen in black or solid color;
  • The split swimsuit can highlight your waist. If you are satisfied with your waist, it is a good choice;
  • Low rise boxer shorts will make your hips look wider. If you want your hips to look fuller, you can choose this one;
  • A high waisted bikini will make your legs look longer. If you are not tall enough or have a long upper body ratio, this kind of swimsuit is suitable for you;
  • The open back bra with suspender and three-point bra can highlight the chest;
  • The front buckle bikini attracts people's eyes to the chest. It can make the chest gather and look full. If your chest is small, but you want to make them look bigger, this may be suitable;
  • The bra top will make your bust look wider. If you are pear shaped but want to imitate the hourglass figure, you can choose the bra top or the bra with wrinkles at the breast position;
  • if you have a full chest, choose a wide strapless bra to make it look smaller, and try to use a steel ring and thick chest for support and fixation.


How to choose suitable swimwear according to body shape?

  • Hourglass figure: versatile swimsuit figure. If you are of this shape, Congratulations, you can wear it at will
  • Apple shape and H shape: when choosing swimsuit, you can choose the one with waist covering function to shape the body curve
  • Pear shaped body with inverted triangle and small bust: you can choose swimsuit with pattern or fold on the chest to highlight the body proportion. The colors of swimsuits can be brightly colored to match the skin color, so the effect will be more obvious, such as turning red, peach red, yellow, etc
  • Girl with full bust: you can choose one-piece swimsuit, which can not only prevent light, but also lengthen the proportion of body. The pattern with horizontal lines is preferred. The horizontal lines appear flat on the chest, and the overall line feeling will be very natural
  • Girls with small size: the little sister who can consider bikini as much as possible should not consider conjoining. Bikini can highlight the line beauty, highlight the figure curve, lengthen the waist and legs, and make you the most beautiful baby on the beach line. Ha ha - the color is mainly plain. The exaggerated decoration will make the overall effect lose points



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