H-type without curve swimsuits

H-type without curve swimsuits


H shape features:

The whole body is similar in three girths, the curve is not prominent, the whole body is like the letter H, the advantage is that the legs are relatively thin.

The most important thing for type H is to increase the sense of curve. There are two methods:

One is to start from the swimsuit itself and choose the style with its own curve pattern (if you don't have one, make one).                                                         

Secondly, the waist has hollow design and geometric cutting pattern, which can also break the rigidity of H-shaped body.


Xiaobian feels that, especially this kind of waist "dig round" style, not only has the curve, but also is very sexy.


Finally, the two-piece + flat angle (trouser legs) without any decoration on the waist (and chest), H-shaped girls are best avoided, and the whole person looks more square.

Today's suggestion is here first. We'll see you next time

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