Jeans Washing,How much do you know?

Jeans Washing,How much do you know?

Nowadays, denim clothing is a must-have item in every wardrobe, whether it is winter or summer.They are the least outdated and most comfortable,but cleaning is indeed a headache for new denims.To wash or not to wash?Please do not throw your jeans into the washing machine casually.So how to clean it?If you want your denim to be able to wear for a little longer and still look in excellent condition, you need to you need to use the correct washing ways and take good care of it.Jeans Washing,How much do you know?


Early Care

When you get a new great pair of jeans,Early loving care is very important for durable denim.When you get a new pair of jeans, early care is important. The best way is to wash the jeans by hand and wash them separately. Turn them over and wash them with cold water in the sink. If you don't want to let them fade, you can add a little salt or a cup of vinegar in cold water and soak for a while. After washing the jeans, be sure to rinse them thoroughly with cold water. Wait until all the foam is washed off and the water becomes clear, then hang them to dry.

Check the Label

Please read the fabric care label (before jeans washing) to determine if they're made with spandex.You can usually throw Jeans with a small amount of spandex into the washing machine, and please turn them inside out before washing machine starts.but if you want to be more friendly with jeans, please let them air dry. This protects the fragile fibers from heat damage and reduces their wear. It is also a good choice even for jeans that are not made of any spandex at all.

Wash Less

Not always washed Jeans.After you wear denim for a period of time, it will get some smell, but it is not very dirty.So at this time, throwing into the washing machine for cleaning is not the best idea.You just need to hang up your jeans and put them in a ventilated place for a day or two.Jeans made of raw denim or jeans with appliques or cleverly placed holes must be handled gently.What we have to do is to reduce the damage to the fabric as much as possible.

Drying and Ironing

The dryer is extremely harmful to jeans. The texture of the jeans will be destroyed. But instead, hang them up. Hanging to dry can keep the fabric from being damaged and help avoid possible shrinkage or warping of the fabric. Turn the jeans over (and hang them in the shade) to prevent fading and deformation. Remember, don't expose your jeans to the sun.


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