10 Secrets about Kendall Jenner's bikinis styles (what you can copy)

10 Secrets about Kendall Jenner's bikinis styles (what you can copy)

Love Kendall Jenner?Kendall Jenner is now arguably one of the hottest supermodels in the world.Born in 1995, she was fortunate not to have inherited the Kardashian family's 'big hips' gene and was born with a slimmer waist and longer legs, but over the past two years has found her own style.
It's summer, and Kendall’s bikini style is catching our attention again. Although she is only in her 20s, she has her own style when it comes to bikinis. So which outfits of Kendall's made the cut? Read on to see the most iconic Kendall Jenner bikini styles,and what can we copy from that when we go to the beach or swim pool.

#1. Bohemian style





#2.Yellow Bikini






#3.Leopard Print





#4.Mix & Match



#5.Black Bikini





#6.Orange Bikini




#7.Green Bikini






#8.Red Bikini




#9.Polka dot Bikini




#10.Plaid Bikini





What can we copy?

As a world-class supermodel, there's nothing Kendall can't wear.If you are shapely and want to be fashionable, how about choosing a bikini?


#1.Bright color Bikini

Summer is full of energy,so our bikinis also should be colorful.Which of Kendall's bikinis isn't bright, do you think?Bright colors make you stand out from the crowd.Let you have a more cheerful mood to enjoy the sea.


#2.Retro style

If you ask me, the most popular thing in recent years is the retro style.Both the world's supermodels and ordinary people are affected by the retro style.Kendall Jenner is no exception.There are some Retro bikinis you can pick:Animal print bikinis,plaid bikinis and Polka dot Bikinis.


#3.Use accessories

How can a bikini be unique?You can use some accessories to match your bikini,just like Kendall Jenner.A straw hat, sunglasses, and cover up are essential to a trip to the beach.If possible, you can also choose necklace,ring and scarves, etc.



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