Note! Correct Usage of Beach Towels on the Beach

Note! Correct Usage of Beach Towels on the Beach

When you are ready to go to the beach to enjoy your vacation, beach towels are an essential item.What do you think is the correct use of beach towels?Put the newly acquired beach towel between the bottom and the beach is just one of its uses.Your beach towels are much more than just beach towels. To some extent, beach towels can have many uses.


Shawl:A delicate beach towel can be used as a shawl .The temperature on the beach is usually unstable, and the sun is still scorching during the day, and it becomes chilly when the sun sets in the evening.And a sea breeze makes you shiver.At this time, a thick beach towel can play another role.Wrap it around your body and you won’t feel cold anymore.


Tablecloth:Of course you can’t litter at the beach.But when you return to the base to calm down for a while after swimming or exercise, you may feel hungry.On the sandy beach, choosing a place with a table to eat must be very difficult.And you don’t make sure that the tables and chairs are clean.At this time, spread the beach towel on the beach or on the table to get a clean eating environment.


Bath towel:In addition to beach towels, sometimes you need to take a bath towel with you when you are on a beach holiday.But the full luggage is already overweight, so should you choose a beach towel or a bath towel?Of course I chose beach towels.The thick bath towels on the beach look very strange.Although beach towels are thinner and smaller than bath towels,If you need to wipe off moisture on your body, then a beach towel is enough.


Fashion Accessories:Unexpectedly, a beach towel is still used as an accessory.On a crowded beach, a full-featured swimsuit may not be enough to make people shine.Perhaps, in limited conditions, you can make full use of beach towels.First, you can use it as a headscarf to wrap your head.This is not only a kind of decoration, but also can block part of the sun's rays, so as to avoid direct sun damage to the hair and sunburn.Or you can wrap a beach towel around your waist as a cover or a skirt.


Beach Towel Care

You have chosen the most beautiful and practical towels, and now it is time to take good care of them to maintain their softness and appearance, and to make them durable.After you get the new beach towel, remember to wash it before using it. Because you don't know what the beach towel has experienced before you get it.

After you finish your seaside vacation, please remember to wash your beach towels in time.First of all, before cleaning, please shake off the sand, debris or pebbles stuck on the beach towel.If you are not at ease, you can place it in a basin full of water and rotate it by hand for a while. In this way, stubborn sand will fall into the basin.After that, you can put it in the washing machine to clean.If you want to make your beach towel softer, you can add a small cup of white vinegar during the washing process.Don't worry, it won't smell sour in the end.Another important point is to hang it in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight, which may cause fading and accelerate aging of beach towels.


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