Selection strategy of pattern swimwear

Selection strategy of pattern swimwear

 In the hot summer, the fierce sun is baking everyone tirelessly; going out for five minutes is like two hours of exercise. The whole body is wet and can't help but take off the essence, just to feel a trace of cool and cool. Vol.65: swimsuit is selected cleverly, with p-diagram effect - no supermodel body material, and it's also dressed brilliantly. The air-conditioned room is the home of many people. The swimming pool, even the beach, is the paradise of most people. Sun, sand, waves, cacti, and a goddess in a "sexy Robe" soothed the restless heart caused by the heat.

As a dry duck, Xiaobian can't swim, and I don't know what the same swimsuit Taomei often recommends in the station is outstanding. However, I can still tell which swimsuit is cute, which swimsuit is sexy, which swimsuit is popular among people. Vol.65: swimsuit is selected cleverly, with the effect of p-chart-no supermodel body, and it's also dressed brilliantly. For ordinary people (such as knitwear), the main function of swimsuits is concave shape; in the swimming pool and on the beach, they don't want to swim faster, just want to wear more beautiful.

1、High waisted swimsuit

For women with slightly protruding abdomen, it is better to choose a high waisted swimsuit, preferably with twill, so as to achieve the waist lifting effect, or to divert attention and achieve the effect of decoration.

2、Skirt swimsuit
For women with flat hips, it is very suitable to choose a skirt swimsuit, which can beautify the lines of hips visually and show the beauty of legs.


3、Split swimsuit
It's the choice of fashionable ladies. You can choose the lady with good figure.


4、One piece swimsuit with big V-neck
If your chest is full and your waist and buttocks are large, you can choose the one-piece swimsuit with large V-neck, but the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the overall effect.


5、Bikini swimwear
Everyone has always thought that bikini is the patent for women with good figure. In fact, even if you don't have a good figure, as long as you choose a suitable bikini, you can cleverly cover up the shortcomings of the figure, so that you can show charming charm. (pay special attention to style and color)





6、one piece
One piece swimsuit is the safest and most classic swimsuit. It's an excellent choice for shy ladies.


7、Flat angle swimsuit
Flat angle swimsuit is more conservative, but its disadvantage is that it will make legs appear very short, so you should choose carefully. It is also suitable for people with thin thighs.



The TANKINI is a swimsuit with top vest and bottom BIKINI TRIANGLE shorts. Although it is divided into top and bottom, it has hidden length in most cases, and its appearance is close to that of a dress.



Today's swimsuit recommendation is over. I hope that these recommendations and suggestions of Xiaobian can help you fairies, love you.See you next time!

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