Swimsuit selection rules 1

Swimsuit selection rules 1

There are three treasures by the sea in summer, including sunglasses, hats and swimsuits. Let's talk about swimsuits today

Generally speaking, the biggest trouble for people to wear swimsuits is that meat cannot be covered. Who makes it a little bit more cloth? Therefore, it is more important to choose the swimsuit that suits your body. How to choose?

For example: how can H-shaped body break the rigidity of the body?

How does an apple shaped girl cover her belly?

Do you want to wear flat or right angle swimsuits?

What can I do if I don't know what to do Ripped Skinny Jeans 

cute beach blankets

  • The most Asian----pear shaped body

Body features: narrow shoulders, thin waist, wide crotch, thin upper body, more thighs and buttocks.

There are two points for pear shaped girls to wear:

First, weaken the lower body line and reduce the sense of weight (the lower body doesn't look so fat);

Second, strengthen the shoulder line and increase the shoulder weight.

The goal is to make the whole more symmetrical.

When choosing a swimsuit, the above principles are the same.

Let the lower body look thinner, from the color, try to choose a light and deep style.


It's also a meaning to put flowers and vegetables on (is this one on the right pretty?)


In terms of design, short sleeve pleated midi dress try to choose the style that can attract the attention to the upper body (in this way, the lower body can be ignored).

This year, there are many such swimsuits, such as the hot ruffles.


I don't want to be so exposed. It's OK to change it into a one word collar with a ruffle edge. A small breast girl can show her big chest.


It is also suitable for pear shaped girls with thin upper body.

The lines of this black and white swimsuit can also help to form vertical vision and show height.

 According to Xiao Bian's principle of pear shaped girls' dressing, we should pay attention to the (thinner) upper part of the body. The fatter the lower part of the body is, the more concise it is, the better.

What pleats, skirts As well as all kinds of messy decorations, all do not want.

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