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What bathing suits for body types?Here is answer.

by hzyasson on April 14, 2020
What bathing suits for body types?The models in the magazines are always beautiful.No matter what they wear, are they always attractive.But for most girls,they don't have perfect body shapes.There are always girls worrying about their bathing suits for body types.Don’t worry,if you want to find the proper swimsuit,first you need to know your body type.Then, you can according to your shape,choose your bathing suit.Now, let’s learn something about What bathing suits for body types!



Five Common Body Types

There are many ways to classify body types.But today we are going to use the most intuitive method of classification—alphabetical classification.



This picture divides body types into five categories.They are X,I,Y,A and O.We can also call they hourglass,straight,pear,inverted triangle and apple.



Body Type One :X or Hourglass

Hourglass shape is the most common shape.If you have this shape,Congratulations.People of this shape have harmonious proportion.Marilyn Monroe and Monica bellucci,who are famous for their sexy bodies are both hourglass shapes.Usually,you can harness all kinds of bathing suits.

Marilyn Monroe


If you like bikinis,you can try styles like these:





If you like one-piece swimsuits,you can try these :




Whether stripe ,solid color or print,you can try all.


Please remember one principle:Follow the curve and highlight the waist line.If you wear a swimsuit too loose or without curve,you will look very bloated.If you can, don't wear swimsuit more than three colors.



Body Type Two:H or Straight

The curve for girls who has straight body type are not very obvious.Their shoulders, waists, and hips are almost in line.But actually they look slim.Because their legs are slender.You must pay attention to some bare bathing suits,do not choose flat swimsuits.

If you like bikinis,you can try styles like these:




Some designer bikinis can weaken the straight lines of the body and soften the body.


If you like one-piece bathing suits,you can try styles like these:



You can choose bathing suits with intricate patterns or Irregular line to Show off your body.


Body Type Three:Y or Pear

Girls with Y shape are like pears,the upper body is slender and the lower body is round.So their legs look short and thick.The girls of this shape should avoid striped suits when choosing a bathing suit.Try to choose darker colors or simple patterns for your lower body.As for the upper body,you can choose bright colors or designer swimsuits to show your advantages.


If you like bikinis,you can try styles like these:



Black swimming trunks will make your lower body look thinner,figuratus or print bikinis are more eye-catching.


 If you like one-piece swimsuits,you can try these :


Whether it's an open back or a flounce, it's a plus.


Body Type Four:A or Inverted Triangle

Shape A girls tend to have a heavier upper body and a slimmer lower body.So please don’t choose swimsuits with thin straps,and you should focus on your lower body.

If you like bikinis,you can try styles like these:



If you like one-piece swimsuits,you can try these :



Don't opt for halter swimsuits for yourself or your shoulders will look heavy.



Body Type Five:O or Apple

The O shape is also known as the apple shape. The characteristics of O shape is that upper and lower body are not fat,the fat is concentrated around the waist.So you should not wear close-fitting and Complex designed bathing suits.Some minimalist style swimsuits maybe suit you.

If you like bikinis,you can try styles like these:



Tall waist trunks with pleats can cover your belly well and elongate your legs.


If you like one-piece swimsuits,you can try these :



Less is more.V-Neck ,Tall waist and Deep color are all slimming elements.


Which shapes are you ?
Do you find your shape?
What bathing suits for body types?

Bathing suits are not often worn, but they are a must-have item for every girl.

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